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Knowledge Based Engineering / CAD Automation

  1. KBE helps to capture domain expertise in an organization
  2. KBE helps to reduces design cycle time (in most cases by at least 50 %)
  3. KBE helps to improve the response time of an organization (tenders, order processing)
  4. KBE helps to analyze what-if scenarios in product design very quickly
  5. KBE helps to capture history of products designed and manufactured, thereby enabling effective reuse
  6. KBE allows designers to be more innovative, as it reduces the repetitive tasks performed by them
  7. KBE allows organizations to execute more business with higher profitability.

CAD Design Services

  1. Product Design & Development: We offer this services in the following areas.
    1. Concept Design
    2. Component Design
    3. Tolerance Stack-up Analysis
    4. Value Engineering
    5. Knowledge Based Engineering
    6. Technical Publications
    7. Reverse Engineering
    8. Digital Mockup
    9. Cost Estimation
    10. Change Management

  2. Manufacturing Engineering: We offer this services in the following areas.
  1. Tool Design
  2. Moldflow Analysis
  3. Fixture Design
  4. Pallet Design
  5. Digital Manufacturing
  6. Robot Programming and Simulation


Providing Contract Resources

  1. We help you reduce your employment liability
  2. You don’t need to hire resource for short term projects, we will do it for you.
  3. We hire the best suitable individual for you
  4. You can absorb the resource if you get enough confidence of his efficiency


Microsoft Office Automation

  1. Process audit conducted by AGT
  2. Sizing of the KBE potential and the resources required
  3. Report on the value proposition for the said organization
  4. Agreement on taking up the KBE initiative
  5. Setting up of a joint working relationship to drive KBE as a continuous process based system