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Our Vision

To be recognized as the most innovative Knowledge Based Engineering and Design services company that leverages latest technology and domain knowledge, to enable faster and better product development leading to top-line growth and higher profitability of our customers.

We Build Smarter Highly Usable Stuff!

Most manufacturing organizations have started using the low cost advantage of some countries to bring down design and manufacturing costs. We help these organizations in implementing solutions that help in real time collaboration between their globally distributed product development teams.

We help to CREATE, CONTROL and COLLABORATE engineering data while developing new product or executing order effectively. Generaly organizations have specialists in their domains. While Knowledge Based Engineering allows smart CREATION of product designs by harnessing intellectual property, it is important to have CONTROL over this data for its effective use. We also help organizations in creating a knowledge based framework that integrates these product specialists and makes them work to a greater advantage of the organization.

We offer consulting services to define methods and implement solutions that help in controlling the engineering data for new product development or order execution, also help organizations in redefining their engineering methods by making them process oriented and highly responsive to the market demands. Our aim is to have a direct positive impact upon the profitability and top-line growth of our customers.

Engineering organizations are in such a race to create data for every new order that they have very little time to separate the data from the knowledge. The result is that when our experts ask design teams to spell out “How something was designed?”, the answer is quick and common: “All our designs are unique, so we need to create everything from scratch. You will have to go through the drawings for the last few orders and see for yourself”.

Amphi Global Technologies (Amglotech) applications help your team create product designs and/or execute orders, while making the best use of existing engineering information and ensuring that new designs are optimum from the point of view of material used, new parts introduced (keeping this at a minimum by intelligently referring to the existing part databases and matching features etc. to reuse existing parts).

We are specialized in helping organizations to separate the knowledge from the data by creating knowledge based solutions that make the process of “Data Creation for Order Execution” a very simple yet efficient process. Amglotech solutions give organizations a robust process based tool to create their data with the following benefits:

  • Very high quality
  • No manual errors
  • Tighter control over intelactual property
  • Optimised designs

With these benefits it can be achieved along with a minimum 50% reduction in design or order execution times, then there is no engineering organization that would not want to gain advantage from us.